It was a big week for the crew, we had our shop manager - Sean, graphic designer - Ant, and photographer - Izzy, out there to chop it up with brands and everyone in-between. It was a humbling experience to be out there and represent San Francisco, to be a small, young, boutique that is beginning to be known as a solid staple for the city. Our efforts came a long stretch, we reached out to more people than we expected, and the response was even better. 2014 is in full effect and we're riding the wave. 


Our first stop, Acapulco Gold has been family since day 1, and still running. Chris and the Acapulco Gold team personally invited us to a private showing to go over the up-coming seasons. They don't do much talking, but when you see their authentic gear, and quality that they so strongly focus on, you'll hear and know about Acapulco Gold.


SF Native, Mike Giant brought his 5-0 whip. "I bombed yo shit, cop!" Rebel 8 familia. 


It's always a great sight to see familiar faces, Kwes from Black-Scale SF and his dad, Hawaiian Mike took their rounds around Las Vegas. Happy birthday to the young Kwesgod!


Published Model, Tianna Gregory showed face during the show. 

GUERSACE by SSUR, always killing the booth visuals. Bricks and security, enough said. 

Paulo Wallo, a very good homie associated with Rare Panther and Hodgybeats from Odd Future. Very Rare!

Swizz coolin' at the Reebok Barbershop booth. Peep the Iverson jersey. 

Our squad, Sean and Ant posted up in Agenda LV. 5PTS behind the lens. 

HYPEBEAST booth, very clean concept exposing their editorial magazine and newspaper. Great to meet Alex Maeland and the team. Look forward to a seasonal subscription of HYPEBEAST within the store. 

Nothin' wrong with a little break to kill some time. Sean playing against Ant, with the deathly precise return. Ant got away with the W! We now know our squad got some ping-pong skills, see us on the court. 

Fresh cuts served up. 

One of our most solid brands, Publish. We visited the team to see what they were cooking up. Definitely one of the more fashion forward brands that maintains a great contemporary style. Shout-out to Nikki and Mike who've always been aware and taken care of our store. 

Jason Markk killed the game with their shoe shining service. Always got to keep the AJ1's clean.

UNDFTD LAS VEGAS. Nikes, New Balances, Bapesta's, they got 'em. UNDFTD LV also hosted the All Gone event, we missed out on it but definitely had to make a visit. 

STUSSY LAS VEGAS. It was great to meet the Stussy Crew of Las Vegas, Will and Bryce. They hold it down just like we do in our shop, very dope to visit a store that shares the same passion for the culture. Livin' large since '97. Any time your in LV, hit up Stussy & Undftd LV. 


In all, this trip was an experience that opened our eyes. In view of our store, young team, and ambitions. The people we met and created relationships with were one-of-a-kind. To see our store becoming a staple in SF not only in our eyes, but in those who know our store, is something we have always been working on to create. Its a great feeling to have such a great response to our store. We look forward to continuing the grind, and achieving new heights. 

Shout outs to Jay and Flown taking our team out there, Parris and Brandon for holding down the shop.

We made it!



Written by: Sean Lequang  / @consciousone 

Photos by: Izzy Balderas / @5pts

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