On Saturday September 8th 2014, artist Aaron Kai presented an exhibition at Infinite SF.

Aaron has worked with us before, we're very proud of where he's going and to have him part of our 'Ohana'. We held some of his first shows, and also introduced his brand, Lemon Hi from Hilo, Hawaii into Infinite SF. This time around, during a summer working on successful projects like k00ljohn, freshcafe, and thehundreds, Aaron presents his most recent work at Infinite SF. A variety of different mediums presented Aaron's lifestyle, creativity, and originality. From a 4 x 6 ft. hanging canvas to 3 waved-out newspaper stands that held Adidas Stan Smiths, The 'Food' tee, and a debut magazine. Don't forget about the projector we put up also!

A 2-piece collaboration between Aaron Kai and Infinite SF includes hand-drawn graphics on a waterproof bucket-hat and white t-shirt. Made in limited quantities, they can be found here. The night proved another reason why Infinite SF is one of San Francisco's premier menswear and lifestyle boutiques. Thank you to everyone who came by, had a drink, and enjoyed the show.

...Onto the photos, taken by one of our new members, Diego

Aaron Kai x Infinite SF Food Tee 

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Aaron Kai
Infinite SF

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